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We get to lyrics sometimes second, so we'll start humming a melody, finding something, and see where the music takes you as far as lyrics are and what you want to say and go from there.We love great melodies and great songs that have great hooks and melodies, so we start a little bit more on that side as opposed to other people that start more lyric-based. For my complete interview with Lady Antebellum, visit The Boot.This week, Laura Veltz shares what she has learned as a songwriter.For ten years, Laura Veltz was in a band with her family where she made music with her parents, brother and sister while touring the country.Known as “the pioneer of backstage massage,” she has used strong hands and a passion for music to become an international celebrity in her own right.There have been numerous mentions about her in the press, she has authored her own book, writes a sex column and runs a burgeoning business.DOVER — For nearly three decades, Dorothy Stein — aka “Dr.

The trio kicked things off in January with the release of their sophomore album, Need You Now, and a Grammy win for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group under their belt.Dot, 46, was born in Connecticut but moved in 1978 at age 10 to Dover.Her parents both worked for a time at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.“My dad was in the Navy. “I moved so much it was ridiculous.“I couldn’t make any friends. But it made me an extrovert, and that helped my business later on.”The moving intensified when her parents separated.It sounds like the start of one of those "four men walk into a bar" jokes.What do you get when a geologist-turned-vineyard owner, a psychologist, a restaurant owner and a professional musician come together in Santa Ynez? The Dudes, as they are most often called, are four middle-aged friends fast becoming one of the most popular garage bands in the Santa Ynez Valley.