Six degrees of celebrity dating

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Little to no chance he knows anyone I know nor I know anyone he knows.

This movie, based on the smash-hit play by John Guare (which was itself based on a real incident), has Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland playing a couple of posh, art-dealing New Yorkers who take in (and are taken in by) Will Smith - he claims to be at college with their children and to be the son of Sidney Poitier.

In reality, he's a gay con-man who's been practising his role as the actor's prodigy for so long that he's become immersed in the part.

Mega Love finally got on facebook after like 6 years of me saying he should.

And the way you know that it is all in good fun and not that I’ve suddenly formed some sort of attachment is I would actually act completely opposite if I cared. I only play with fire when it doesn’t have to potential to ACTUALLY burn me. So anyways…his friendslist/wall/etc is set to private.