Bob jones bans interracial dating

"God made racial differences as he made gender differences," said a statement the university posted on its Internet site. Tonight, the school has done the right thing." In a paid advertisement that Bob Jones took out today in USA Today and in South Carolina newspapers, the university said it did not hate Catholics, but asserted that a "wide gulf" existed between Catholic and Protestant beliefs.

But, the statement added, when God stopped humans from building the Tower of Babel, a story told in Genesis, God did so to prevent them from creating "one-world government." "Based on this biblical account (Genesis 10 and 11)," the statement said, "the university wishes to give God the benefit of any doubt and avoid pursuing any direction that would give assistance to the renewed efforts of man to create a one-world community consisting of one religion, one economy, one government and one race." Despite its stance, the university has admitted interracial married couples. Jones said that although the principle on which the university's former ban was based remained important, the ban itself was "meaningless to us." In its Internet statement, the university described Catholic beliefs as a "false system," but asserted that it loved Catholics as people and wanted to convert them. In the advertisements, the university contended that it was being falsely accused in news reports as a haven for bigotry.

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grew increasingly concerned about the secularization of higher education and the influence of religious liberalism in denominational colleges.After 1975, the school — under court order — began admitting unmarried African-American students, though according to the U. government, it rejected “any applicant known to be a partner in an interracial marriage.”After the 1975 court order, Bob Jones administrators established rules requiring expulsion for any student who married or dated outside his or her race or belonged to an organization that advocated or encouraged others to marry or date outside his or her race.It was then that the Internal Revenue Service revoked the school’s tax-exempt status.After a 13-year legal fight, the university lost its tax exemption in 1983. Bush said: "I'm heartened to hear that Bob Jones University has reversed its ban on interracial dating.And as late as Wednesday, the university was attempting to explain the ban on interracial dating according to its belief that the Bible teaches that God does not want a unified and undifferentiated world. Bush of Texas, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. Bush's opponents, Republicans and Democrats alike, faulted him for not taking the opportunity to speak out against the dating ban and the statements on the Catholic faith. It was wrong to begin with, and that's why I spoke out against the ban when I was asked about it at a news conference immediately after my visit there.