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blank stares or humorless hominids with hubris." Joining this network, which was founded in 2010, requires creating a profile and filling out a detailed Q&A that asks for more substantive input than other sites.

Responses from potential applicants are screened to verify that they are, in fact, witty enough to join.

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That’s right, even the G-rated online dating services can get oddly specific.This, of course, is great news for those with celiac disease (a gluten sensitivity), but lately non-celiac individuals have been avoiding gluten like it’s the plague.Fortunately for gluten-free daters, there are some online singles communities that are dedicated to finding your perfect anti-gluten match. Before you know it, you two will be combining your doomsday stockpiles. If you’re wild about peeling, preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skin of dead animals but find that the average man or woman out there just doesn’t understand you, then join an online taxidermy singles community. A place where the Crazy Cat Lad or Lady can go to find love.Sites like JDate and Our Time, on the other hand, accommodate a more specific subset of online daters.JDate is a leading Jewish online singles community while Our Time is for singles aged 50 and over.