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According to the testimony of the investigating officer, senior members of the church would recruit “vulnerable” girls between 13 and 15 and lure them into performing sexual acts with the pastor.

By way of affidavit, the pastor has vehemently denied allegations of sex with naked girls.

A spokesperson for the department said this case represents the “dark side of social media.” “Not too long ago, we were up to 1,100 shares of that video and I think we’re around 48,000 views.

It speaks loudly about our culture.” The original Facebook video has since been deleted.

Or, at least, so says an editor of the in discussing whether or not “frequent sexual activity [should] be prescribed…to improve…general…health.” In men, they suggest it’s because more sex means more testosterone.

When men make love, they get a big spike in testosterone levels in their blood.

“Frequent sexual intercourse is [evidently] associated with reduced heart attack risk.” But, this seems to me the perfect case for reverse causation. — Three individuals are facing serious charges after allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a woman on Facebook Live.Authorities said they were notified of the crime late Tuesday evening after they responded to an assault at the home of 19-year-old Haleigh Hudson.Haleigh Alexis Hudson, 19, who is also wanted on a charge of sexual battery, is being held on a 0,000 bond. Kadari Fabien Booker is charged with felony kidnapping and sexual assault.Booker's bond was set at 0,000, according to the Sun Herald.