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onclientclick event of button i need to validate the textbox value ( mm/dd/yyyy format) should be less than or equal to Current Date using Javascript.

validation using javascript when press on enter button.

Thanks Sriniavs Hi Srinivas , Validating date in javascript is not a straightforward job specially when you have a different date format than compared with that of javascript .

plz check out the following thread which deal with the same scenario of date validation using javascript :- have a similar problem.

User input had to be validated so that the information stored was standardized.

Yeah, some people had libraries of ASP functions to validate common things such as postal codes (zip codes for you Americans), e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. NET saw the tedium in always having to check user input. They are: In this example, we have a textbox which will not be valid until the user types something in. The text in the innerhtml will be shown in the controltovalidate if the control is not valid.

NET MVC uses to validate that the date format the user specifies is OK based on the format string you provided.

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I also received one comment from my reader that it is not sufficient to validate only format. This website communicates about my work, learning and experience.So I thought why not writing a post which validates the date as well. Well, I have created a function which takes date value as input and returns true/false based on date validation logic. I believe life is short, and it is for loving, sharing, learning and connecting. Below is the j Query function which validates the date. They decided that to simplify our life by including validation controls. NET validation controls also provide two ways of validation: Server-side or Client-side. This client-side/server-side detection and validation is done without extra work by the developer! It should be noted that the Error Message attribute is not what is shown.The nice thing about these Validation controls is that it will perform client-side validation when it detects the browser is able (unless client-side validation has been disabled). The Error Message tag is shown in the Validation Summary (see below). Usage of this Compare Validator is for confirming new passwords, checking if a departure date is before the arrival date, etc.