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It's worth remembering that just because it’s traditional, doesn’t mean it’s better and just because it’s online doesn’t mean true love can’t flourish.Most women I know strive to be empowered, they want to fight injustices against our gender and embrace all things modern about this world.After recently travelling the US, talking to women about dating (all of whom were dating online), I was surprised by how many confessed that, even though they were happy with online dating, they still have the desire to meet someone the "old-fashioned way" – in the flesh.While this isn't out of the question, it strikes me that something has gone wrong in our attitude to online dating.The overall response rates are much better for same-sex messages (41% vs. I ran these new numbers through last week’s message-efficiency calculations, and as it turns out, because of the low slope (flatness) of the first half of both graphs, the most efficient conversation starters for both kinds of same-sex contact is only 50 characters.Where not-so long ago internet dating was only for the few, it’s now the norm and just about everyone is on some site or app.My advice to those looking for love is to keep an open mind and try to stop thinking of dating online as a way to find easy dates, flirty chit-chat and random hook-ups (although those things also have their place! Don't forget the likelihood the person you might meet and fall in love with in-person, probably also has an online dating profile!

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Nobody ever found out, but I was so ashamed that I immediately closed down my account.

I'll be taking that secret to my grave." Oh, brother!

I filled out the form in a hurry as I was running late for a meeting, but the next day my inbox was full of explicit responses from loads of guys.

Confused, I double-checked my profile and realised I'd accidentally uploaded the wrong picture – one of me half naked that I'd taken for an ex-boyfriend!