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The channel incised during this period was later partly filled with sediment.The decline of agricultural land use from about 1915 onwards decreased sediment supply, while the increase of urbanisation from about 1950 amplified the flow energy of flooding by pluvial waters and overflows from storm basins, causing the presently ongoing incision in the area that began about AD 1975.“Over the recent years it has been established as a scientific fact that there are more planets in the Universe than there are stars.

By way of comparison, the recently-discovered Earth-like planet Proxima b, which orbits the red dwarf Proxima Centauri, is about 4 light years from Earth. Tuomi, who was also involved in the discovery of Proxima b, told Fox News that the latest batch of planets marks a significant discovery.Described as a “hot super Earth with a rocky surface,” Gliese 411b is located in the fourth-nearest star system to the Sun, making it the third-nearest planetary system to the Sun, according to the U.K.’s University of Hertfordshire, which participated in the research.Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating is used to determine the (robust) chronology of the phases of sediment deposition and incision in a headwater sub-basin of the Yzeron Basin, France.Different statistical approaches to extract the mean equivalent dose from dose distributions are compared to estimate the effect of differential bleaching of the OSL signal prior to deposition.