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What follows is a gentleman’s elementary guide to theater etiquette, and answers to those questions that the gentleman may not have faced. Once the group has picked a show, date, and time, make a reservation with the theater. But I wasn't going to go alone, which brings me to my second First.*This was the First time I've ever brought a date to the theatre. Finally, my third First was the fact that this was a First Date. Asking a first date to the theatre, which is inevitably followed by dinner, can be a serious Hail Mary play.The first person to interrupt the other loses the game.

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Which leads me to my first First: this was the first time I got tickets to a musical. If it's bad you have to explain yourself after.

Thankfully, there was no need for that this time; the only problem was getting the catchy songs out of our heads. More on Dating at Would You Rather Have Dinner With Your Boss or Your Boyfriend's Boss?

The woman who made headlines this week after her date sued her over .31, has paid the man back and asked that he withdraw the suit.

I didn't hate Homecoming, but how some can possibly be calling this the best Spider-Man movie ever when Iron Man actually creates his high tech suits and has to come to his rescue?

Seeing a play is a different experience than other outings.