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This is the chance you take with Chatroulette, a website that generates a live webcam connection between you and a random stranger every time you click "Next" (or press F9 on your keyboard).

If you don't like who you see staring back at their webcam, click to find another random live person and a new face pops up within a second or so. After allowing the Flash plug-in to activate your webcam and microphone, it's time to play "the game," as the site puts it.

People like the “public masturbaters” take full advantage of the anonymity factor and unfortunately, the young audience too. The combination of the 3 parts has made some great screenshots. Chatroulette isn’t all flashers and sex crazed deviants waiting to get busted by Dateline NBC’s Chris Hansen.

Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Perez Hilton and Paris Hilton has been spotted using the service.

It’s completely free to use the site, you simply go to the Healcam website, select your sex, say whether you’d like to talk to a male, female or ‘anyone’ and then choose your condition.

At present there are 5 to choose from: Back &Neck, Diabetes, Cancer, Pregnancy and Childbirth, and Heart Disease.

Annoyingly, the site is pretty much useless for anyone who doesn’t want to watch masturbation, as a quick play around reveals that 90% (a completely made up statistic) of users seem to be men.While the site says you have to be at least 16 years old to use this service, there is no age authentication. Not only are you encouraged to talk to strangers, but young eyes can see a naked middle-aged man just as easily as they can find a tween girl singing a Taylor Swift song.But that's not to say there aren't interesting people to talk to. Ah, to be able to grab a beer and spend an evening talking to lonely, blank-faced men in hoodies, drunk people at parties and various exposed body parts.Now Sean Parker, of Napster and Facebook fame, is bringing the random video chat magic back in the form of Airtime.